Having seen my work for the Kennel Club, I was recruited to the join the paid senior graphic design team for Gonzaga Student Media, the group that covers all graphic design and editing work for Gonzaga's newspaper and special publications. In this role, I pitch graphic concepts, create ads, and design layouts for The Bulletin.
The Gonzaga Bulletin, Gonzaga's newspaper, is a top 25 college newspaper according to U.S. News and World Report Rankings. This job has pushed me to rely more on Photoshop and InDesign and challenged my craft. 
While a lot of what I do for student media is layout, photo editing, and ad work, I've been assigned a lot of the sports graphics, specifically many for this coming semester. Here is a two-pager I designed this past semester that I am particularly proud of. 
For this project, I drew inspiration from a BYU Men's Basketball design I saw on Skullsparks and added my own twist and interpretation. I've always loved the phrase "Zags to the moon", and felt this was the perfect time to incorporate it. 
I really wanted to capture the 3-dimensional feel of paper cut outs, and think I captured that nicely through utilizing Photoshop. 

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